Head Writer & Editor

Springtide Research Institute (Springtide) is a research institute dedicated to the religious and spiritual lives of young people (ages 13 to 25) both in and outside of religious institutions. Springtide is committed to diversity of thought and expression, and traverses particular religious expressions and confessional institutions. This position will have a passion for communicating data and research in a story-driven format that, attuned to different audiences for different products, is inviting, approachable, actionable, engaging, and hopeful. This position is not only comfortable operating and communicating in ecumenical, interfaith, and religiously neutral environments, but is eager for the nuances of these diverse conversations in support of Springtide’s mission: to help those who care about young people care better.

To get a sense of our tone, approach, and brand voice, please consult our many free resources and reports at springtideresearch.org.

Position Overview 
The Head Writer & Editor is primarily responsible for two things: First (60-70%), writing. This broad task includes but is not limited to report writing, copywriting, and writing support for the marketing, publicity, research, design, development, and community engagement divisions of the organization. This writing may be assigned, collaboratively brainstormed, or independent. In the case of writing our major reports, the head writer’s role is more involved. There is background reading and research, interviews, identifying strong content contributors, coordinating the insights of other team members, outlining, and conceptualizing a product and timeline alongside the executive director, developmental editor, research team, and others. The writing aspect of this job also includes blog writing and coordinating a blog schedule, whether producing original pieces, excerpting materials from other Springtide materials, or working with the Research Advisory Board, Springtide Ambassadors Program, fellows, interns, or others who may want to contribute.

The second aspect of the job is editing (30-40%). This role is responsible for maintaining the Springtide style guide, providing considerate guidance and coaching to young writers, taking responsibility for consistent brand tone and content accuracy across all Springtide platforms. They are also responsible for creating and project managing an editorial schedule for all written content and publishing products, and ensuring on-time delivery of all content. This position takes ownership (with appropriate training provided) of the production process and schedule and serve as  the primary liaison and representative of Springtide to the production team throughout the publishing process. While serving as the primary writer and editor for Springtide, this position also oversees and coordinates the occasional use of interns, freelancers, contributing guests, and/or other outside writers.

Ample training and mentoring are available and expected, especially with regard to internal editing processes.

Essential Functions

  • Serve as point-person for maintaining Springtide brand voice across all internal and external materials;
  • Collaboratively conceptualize new products and new topics for Springtide to take up;
  • Coordinate editorial publications and meetings;
  • Control schedules and enforce deadlines (for freelance writers, photographers, designers etc.);
  • Oversee proofreading procedures and edit copy when necessary;
  • Resolve production issues as they arise;
  • Oversee Writer in Residence program and any editorial interns;
  • Other duties as assigned


Knowledge and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in communications or related field
  • Previous publishing experience preferred
  • Proven writing and editing experience
  • Exceptional written and oral communication abilities
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, including interviewing
  • Project management mindset
  • Excellent understanding of publishing production timelines and processes
  • Ability to communicate clear directives and preferences both orally and in writing
  • Empathetic
  • Detail-oriented
  • Knowledge of and interest in the spiritual lives of young people in an ecumenical, interfaith, and religiously neutral environment
  • Editing and proofreading skills; ability to think critically about content in context of brand messaging, goals, voice; a keen eye for digital aesthetics and grammatical errors
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint.
  • Agile; demonstrates initiative and independence, is consistently dependable and deadline-aware; is also flexible and willing to go the extra mile
  • Ability to work independently on a small, geographically dispersed team
  • Ability to master subtle tone and style changes depending on audience and topic and to put aside ‘personal voice’ on various projects
  • Sensitivity to religious, political, and cultural issues, as well as the role of sociology in a conversation with many intersections

Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and 1-2 writing samples that demonstrate your ability to communicate research findings in a story-driven, narrative format to HR@Springtideresearch.org

We recruit, develop, and retain talented people from diverse communities and foster a culture of equity and inclusion within our organization. We welcome and encourage applicants of all backgrounds and identities. As an equal opportunity employer, we recognize that our strength lies in our people and our common commitment to serving the needs of young people and those who care for them.